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California Dance Academy faculty members and choreographers

California Dance Academy faculty members are seasoned dancers with extensive training and performance experience. They excel in various dance styles, and genres, and possess strong teaching skills. Our faculty is committed to nurturing each student's technical and artistic growth. At CDA each instructor is dedicated to fostering a positive learning environment, ensuring that students receive comprehensive training and guidance to excel in the world of dance. 

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Meet The Team

Our Staff

Miranda Hughes

Miranda Hughes began her dance career at the age of 4 finding her passion. From ages 5-19 Miranda not only embraced the art of dance but excelled in competitions across various genres, including ballet, tap, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, lyrical and pom. As Miranda entered high school she further showcased her talent as a dedicated member and captain of Heritage High School's Varsity Dance Team. During her four years on the varisty dance team she earned All-American team honors from the Universal Dance Association and United Spirit Association. Miranda's commitment to dance extended into her college years where she served as the President of the dance team at Los Medanos College. She has been leading and coaching the Heritage High School Dance Team for the past 8 years with an almost undefeated record. Miranda holds a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership as well as Associates degrees in Behavioral Science, and Liberal Arts from Arizona State University. Miranda also holds a certification in Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Common Injury from Harvard University, and a certification of world language in Spanish. Miranda is an active member of the National Dance Education Organization, and continues her dance education through instructor classes from well renowned choreographers as well as attending dance instructor seminars. 

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