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Class Descriptions

Combo Class

Combo classes are geared toward the development of motor skills, rhythm, coordination and fun. Combo classes include introduction to the styles of ballet, tap, hip-hop and jazz. Combo classes are great for the young beginning dancer


Jazz classes are best paired with a ballet class, as it is a technical based program. Our jazz classes offer variations in turn technique, jumps and tricks, along with the study of classical jazz principles. 


Our hip-hop program is a stylized fusion of street dance, funk, popping, and more, This program teaches coordination, musicality, endurance, and commercial style combinations. 

Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern, Improv

Our contemporary, lyrical, modern and improv programs are technique based classes that incorporate elements from ballet and jazz. Lyrical dance follows a more ballet structure, contemporary allows for a less restrictive movement quality. Modern dance is a highly expressive form of movement and improv is a free form course designed to allow dancers to find their individual styles and movement quality. 


Pom technique is geared toward any dancers looking to be on a high school or collegiate level dance team. In this class dancers will learn pom arm technique, pom style jumps, turns and combinations as well as audition coaching. 


Ballet is the foundation for all dance styles. In our ballet program dancers will learn proper terminology, discipline, grace, and technique. Ballet levels are based off of evaluation. 


Our academy program is geared toward dance education. In this class dancers will learn the basics of musculoskeletal anatomy, injury prevention, and dance history. The academy program will also discuss choreography and staging basics and is a great course for those who may want to be a working choreographer. This is a lecture and interactive discussion based course. 


Tumbling classes incorporate dance acrobatics as well as tumbling skills. In levels 1-2 dancers will learn the basics and build strength. Levels 3-4 are designed to learn more advanced tricks and gymnastics/acrobatic/power tumbling skills. 


Tap technique is where rhythm, sound, and technique all collide. Our tap program starts with our beginning level dancers through our advanced level dancers. Each class dancers will learn new steps, combinations and sounds.

Dance Fitness

Dance fitness is a strength and stretch class meant to build muscle, stamina and flexibility. This class will also incorporate pilates, yoga and meditation. 

10_Dance Studio.jpg
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